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Travail à l'usine

Atelier Lambert, in Visé (Liège), offers efficient turning solutions

We specialize in conventional and CNC turning

CNC (numerically controlled turning)

With our 11 CNC lathes, we can guarantee our customers :

  • competitive prices ;

  • respect of deadlines ;

  • and the best quality.

Our machine park currently allows us to machine parts up to 4 m long with a chuck diameter of 1 metre and a passage over the bed of Ø 630 mm.

Thanks to our CNC lathes, we can guarantee our customers very competitive prices, short delivery times and impeccable quality.

Traditional turning

For the economical production of simple parts or prototypes, we can offer you a few lathes machining parts from a few millimeters to 630 mm in lengths of up to 5 m.

Bar turning :

We have 2 turning lathes equipped with bar feeders and magazines, allowing us to produce small parts in very large series in an economical way.

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