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Ateliers Lambert (Visé, Liege), turn-milling solutions that match your needs

Les Ateliers Lambert are specialised in conventional and CNC (numerical control) turning

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Thanks to our 11 digital turning mills we guarantee competitive prices, high quality and respect for your deadline.

Our machine park allows us to process pieces from 4 meters long with a diameter of 1 meter. It consists of:

2 MAZAK machines up to Ø 40
2 MAZAK Machines - Ø 200 x 500
1 GILDEMEISTER NEG1020 machine - Ø 600 x 4000
3 machines - Ø 600 x 3000
1 machine – Ø 500 x 2000
2 machines – Ø 250 x 1000

Traditional turn-milling

For the fabrication of your prototypes and products, we can rely on 7 mills that can handle pieces up to 1350 mm in diameter and up to 5 meters long.


Our two cutting lathes allow us to produce small pieces in large series in an utterly economic fashion.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Creation of parts by conventional turning, CNC turning and cutting

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